Like some much else about the horse in Iceland, it starts at Kolkuós… actually, on the beach at Kolkuós and, like so much else in Iceland, with a story that took place long, long ago.
I spent a few days at this famous breeding farm, Fluguymýri. Through video, you can come along!

Here is the first prize mare, Klara, IS1999258626, out for a little exercise before she goes for breeding. This can be an exercise for those new to Icelandic horse to see how well you can tell the diffeence between tölt and trot.

Palli showed me some of his other mares.

Flugumýri is famous as a breeding farm, but their horses have to be trained and ridden.  And some farms send horses here for their training.   It’s a good place for a young person starting out in the horse field to get some training around fine horses.

Elisa comes back from a training ride.


Elisa gets assigned to a new project…

This is the young stallion Palli wanted to show me:  Segull frá Flugumýri, IS2005158629, who shows a lot of promise for future breeding at Flugumýri.


I would not call this a kindergarten, but Segull is certaiinly part of a play group!