Herding Sheep

One of our Icelandic Sheepdog puppies, Rás, (rhymes with mouse) now belongs to Diane Bauman, the well-known dog trainer. Diane has just started Rás in herding competition and now Rás may very well be the first ISD to get a herding title in AKC competition.  We heard that Rás would be entered in a small competition in New York State where she would get some experience herding sheep and we could compare the ISD style of herding with other breeds.

We just had to see her in action!

Now you don’t just go out and herd some sheep, willy-nilly!  For one thing, they go out in groups of 5 to work with the dogs. That means sorting the larger herd into equal groups.

We got a preview of what the dogs would have to do…

This would be a competition of many different breeds of dog. Diane brought her well-trained Border Collie, Jaq.

Jaq showed us the Border Collie way.  Now it was getting time for Rás at another level in the competition. Remember, we had not seen her since she was a puppy!

We thought she did pretty well, but what do we know?  We were not at all objective.  Diane had to give us the recap.

We were very proud of Rás!  We’ll keep you posted here on her progress.

For more information about the Icelandic Sheepdog in America, click here for the website of the Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America.

Why dogs on a horse website?  Well…  one thing leads to another!   Start with an Icelandic horse or two and before long you have seven, as in our case.  And you meet some Icelanders through the horses and admire their dog and, as in our case, you end up with one which you then breed and…  Same with sweaters, by the way.  One thing leads to another!