Landsmot — Looking for a Story

Every other year, the best horses and riders from all over Iceland come and compete against each other.  It’s called the Landsmot.  In 2006 the crowd came for some nice, fast tolt.  And they get plenty of it. Everyone was filming and photographing.  I wanted to show something original, in my own style.  So I […]

Part 1. Three Guys and a Horse from Dalvik

This is one of those great people-and-horse stories that you could never make up. I only take credit for finding, documenting, and delivering it to you. It has to do with saving a horse that… Let’s start at the beginning.

Landsmot Opening Ceremony

Witness 100’s of horses, 100’s of riders and one beauty queen all get along together in the pomp and ceremony of the opening of the Landsmót.