An Icelandic in a Dressage World (He’s the little guy)!

Thokki, a 5 y/o Icelandic gelding, had been started the previous year. Sarah decided it would be a good training experience for him to get out in the large-horse world and, if he would suppress his energetic tolt, ride a couple of dressage programs. He was the only Icelandic there. We had a very pleasant surprise!

3 thoughts on “An Icelandic in a Dressage World (He’s the little guy)!

  1. Hi Stan,

    Are the videos from the Trish Helmer clinic we did in Pawling still here on the site somewhere?
    I can’t find them.



    1. Hi Amy,

      They were in Flash format and I did not update them to H264 because there was absolutely no interest of follow-through on them that would have justified the time. It was a unique opportunity.If there is any interest in dressage in the Icelandic world now I can try to restore them. Just let me know. And thanks for asking.

      1. I had an old riding friend visiting here today and wanted to show her those videos.
        Honestly, I don’t really know if they would be of interest to anyone other than those of us who attended that clinic!

        Hope all is well with you and yours.


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