Part 3. Back Home in Dalvik

The Hringur Club and stable is in a kind of no-man’s land between the scenic shores of Eyja Fjord and the green valley of Svafaðardalur.  Let’s orient ourselves and get a feel for the place…  Remember, we’re less than 100 miles from the Arctic Circle…

Hringur, Dalvik’s horse club, is in what had been fox or mink farm.  (I’m not sure which, so please let me know through a comment) It was, at this time, the largest stable building in Iceland.  You will notice that there are not that many horses here now.  It is summer and most are turned out in pastures in the countryside until fall.

Horsemanship runs in this family.  I don’t know how far back (I assume all the way). Stebbi passed his love and accomplishments with horses down to the next generation and beyond with their own family website.  I am very happy that they are able to link to my videos!

While we were waiting for Stebbi, I caught Friðgeir in a private moment.

I say Goodbye — Bless, Bless — to Fríðgeir, knowing all too well that it was really Farewell and that I would never see him again.

Yes, there is a future.  Hilmar took me to visit  a Dagur baby of his.

So, life goes on.  What do you do after you came in second at the Islandsmot?  If you are Stebbi, you go back to work.

In Memory of
Ingibjörn Jóhannsson


So, where is Dalvik, anyway?

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