The Breeding Fields of Flugumýri

It was that time, shortly after foaling, for the mare to go back to a stallion. A short distance down the road from the farm was a large field of lush green grass growing over high hummocks, þúfa. Struggling to walk while shooting with the camera, I could understand how these horses grow up so hardy on such a diet  and become so strong yet supple by walking between and on the þúfa. Could this be the secret to the tölt?

Palli led the mare on and the foal followed dutifully.

But there was not another horse to be seen!

And then…  but click on the picture and see for yourself!

Note:  this is only very slightly edited.

And it works the oher way, too. The stallion has to be taken to the mares. Palli has chosen this young stallion, sill untrained, to breed. First, he gives the horse an antibiotic injection to treat a slight wound before he turns him out.

In the next field you can the black and white pinto mare, the famous Sif frá Flugumýri (of course).  Sif, IS1994258629, one of the highest evaluated mares now in Iceland, received 8.63 for riding ability, for the combined rating of 8.40.

A new herd is established with its very own young stallion.


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