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    3 thoughts on “Contact Form

    1. Hi Stan,
      Say….where are the video’s of the 2 young Icelandics you were starting, a few years ago?
      I know you are riding them now…..but I would love to see that sight and cannot find it.
      Thanks So much.

    2. Stan, I just watched your video of Sara and Thokki’s lesson with Gudmar. It’s great! Thanks so much for posting it on youtube. Thokki looks like a really, really nice young horse. Gudmar did a terrific job of explaining what he was trying to teach, and why. Very valuable and educational. Keep up the good work. Your friend, Chuck

      1. Hi Chuck,

        I’m so glad you liked the video. Glad, but not surprised. It has a lot of meat in it and I figure you for an omnivore at least, if not a carnivore…. I am curious to see how far they go. Gudmar is so sincere and it is clear that he has given his topics lots of thought and has integrated many sources. Not all that popular around here these days. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Don’t get much of that. Stan

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