Part 2. Dagur does the Islandsmot

Over dinner with friends, the subject of Dagur came up…

I’ve never really understood the difference between the two types of competitions, the kind that is done at the Landsmot and the other, done at the World Championships. Fortunately, I met a Elisa Klose, a recent Holar graduate who was working at Flugumyri and who knows Stebbi and had actually ridden Dagur. And she gave me the explanation I needed.  Here it is for all to see!

Islandsmot was coming up, but as I was up in the North at the time, I asked to borrow the following coverage from Hestafrettir, the Icelandic website.

In the sport competition, all the classes are on the oval track. A familiar scene, though, of Stebbi tolting Dagur.

One class you will never see at a Landsmot is the walk.  Generally, the Icelanders hate to see or ride horses at the walk even on the trail (why walk when you can tolt?). So perhaps in this class they just admire manes — riders’ or horses’.

Notice how the pace is on the oval track.  But it does not cramp their style!

 And a second chance to see Dagur pace.  Just before the judges make their decisions.

It’s down to 2, and the last one standing is the winner.


Stebbi came in 2nd place against a horse that, for the first time, won both the 5 and 4 gaited competitions.  What odds!

The scores

1 Þórarinn Eymundsson / Kraftur frá Bringu  7,98
2 Stefán Friðgeirsson / Dagur frá Strandarhöfði 7,76
3 Sigurbjörn Bárðarson / Stakkur frá Halldórsstöðum 7,48
4 Mette Mannseth / Kylja frá Stangarholti  7,45
5 Elsa Magnúsdóttir / Þytur frá Kálfhóli 2  7,05
6 Viðar Ingólfsson / Riddari frá Krossi  6,07

Now come back to Dalvik with me and visit my three heroes: Stebbi, Friðgeir, Hilmer, and, of course, Dagur!

I promise some surprises…


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