Goodbye Dear Friend

Sómi frá Dýrfinnustaðum. Gamli Gráni. Der Schimmel. IS1991158645.

I weep because I will no longer see your silent whinny as we approach each other. 

I weep because I will no longer be able to caress you as you lean your head into my chest.

I mourn for the horsemen who understood your importance and who have also gone on; Reynir, Bruno, Ragnar, Haukur, others.

I have lost my dear friend, my guide who carried me into his ancient world to introduce me to new adventures.  

May your spirit soar above Skagafjordur, touching down at Dyrfinnustadir, Svadastadir, Kolkuos, to graze with your kin.

Bless bless.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Dear Friend

  1. I’m so sorry Stan! I got to ride Somi when he was at Karen’s and he was a very special horse! I think losing a good horse is about the hardest thing I’ve been through. My thoughts are with you.

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