Gudmar Meets Thokki

To me, this session is a Rosetta Stone, the link between classical dressage and Icelandic gait training. I think it would be very helpful for riders and trainers with “regular” horse backgrounds to view a few times if they want a bridge to understand tolt. I hope that it can also be used to introduce experienced conventional trainers to the Icelandic horse.

Thokki was bred by Sarah Jones and at the time of the video was 5 years old. He had been started by Amanda Rossiter at Shinto Farm and had been trained in the conventional gaits.  Sarah brought him to a two-day clinic with Gudmar Petursson for some Icelandic training and this was a opportunity for Gudmar to meet and evaluate Thokki the day before the clinic started.
This is not a “how-to” but a document of what the session was actually like. Even though it was not a lesson, I felt that it was so rich in content I wanted to share and it deserved to be seen in its full length with just a few edits for continuity.

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