Landsmot Opening Ceremony

Do you like  Icelandic horses?   Well,  here’s a chance to see lots of them!

The opening  ceremony of  Landsmot 2006 from a viewpoint that is, well, unusual.

It’s long, about 20 minutes. You did say you liked Icelandic horses, didn’t you? Kick back and enjoy!

And notice how well-behaved the horses are, all packed together, standing still, waiting for the parade to start.  That alone is impressive!

Oh, in case you are totally unfamiliar with Iceland or have spent the last few years on the planet Mars and need to know who is leading this procession, she is none other than Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir, Miss World 2006. Obviously, she really does ride!

There are several people I have gotten to know through the Icelandic horse who are in and have passed on. One of them, my teacher as well as friend, Reynir Adelsteinsson, has a special place of honor in the procession.  

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1 thought on “Landsmot Opening Ceremony

  1. Just saw the picture and was instantly wondering whether it could be Reynir on the photo. He’s been a mentor of mine too in the short period I spend some time with (mostly his son’s) Icelandic horses in my teens. His son probably does not remember me positively due to some incidents that happened. (Fortunately, neither man nor horse got hurt.)
    I learned about his death in 2014 or 2015 when my attention randomly was drawn to Icelandic horses again. Actually 20 years after I quit riding completely. Even though still thinking about getting back to it in my twenties I never contacted the family again.
    Reynir has been a quite decent person. It was me causing the incidents. If my parents and I had known more about my limitations it might have been easier to deal with me. Life could have been a little easier for all of us.
    I planned to go to Landsmot more than one time during those 20 years. Actually, I never did so far. I’ve not even been to Iceland once. So I feel some jealousy now.

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