Mill Farm Evaluations 2006

When the Northeast Icelandic Horse Club held their 2006 Breed Evaluations at Mill Farm, professionalism was rampant. Everything was tops. The top breeding rider/trainer in Iceland was flown over to train horses. A top Icelandic farrier was flown over from  Germany to do shoes. Top horses, too. Stigandi, Pegasus, Klerkur, well-known stallions who had been evaluated in Iceland.? And new stock, as well as domestic bred. And, of course, Mill Farm itself, 2,000 plus acres of beautiful riding just for the Icelandic horse.

The event ran like a Swiss railroad.

It was as professional as could be.

Almost.  Standing apart was an amateur horse owner who would actually present and ride her own horse!  Not only that, but she was only 14 years old.  And from Kentucky, chaperoned by her dad, a statistics professor. Fortunately, she lives not far from her mentor, Gudmar Petursson, an Icelander who has started a horse center in the U.S.

I had already made a video of the evaluations of 2004 in Wisconsin and I knew that there would be “official” photos and a video of this event? .   So I felt free to shoot this story that I really wanted to show visitors at

First, Carrie has to present her horse for conformation.  Then the next day she will ride for evaluation of the different gaits.

Now the time comes for Carrie to actually ride her horse! She will go out on the track all alone, everybody watching her and   comparing her and her horse to the pros.  She will  have to show all  the gaits her horse has, (either 4 or 5) and she will have up to 10 passes on the track. She will  not get a special score because she is only 14!

Would that make anyone nervous?  Watch Carrie.

By the way, this sequence will show all 5 Icelandic gaits.  See how well  you can identify them…

Then, as if this were not enough, on the next day she will have the chance to improve her scores by riding with some other riders on the track with her.

She did well!

The details:  Carrie rode Ögrun frá Grafarkoti, IS1999255417.  Ögrun was bred at Grafarkot which is featured in in How Iceland gets in the Icelandic Horse videos of how young horses are raised in Iceland,

The evaluation scores are immediately posted in the international database of the Icelandic horse, World Fengur, and then published in Iceland. Here are the results (In Icelandic) as they were published online.

A complete listing and chronicle of the event is published in the Winter, 2006, edition of TÖLT NEWS. For information, go to the Tolt News website.

POSTSCRIPT 2014:  Since this event was filmed, Carrie has continued to do very well.  She graduated Hólar with distinction and has her own facility,  Lettleiki Icelandics, in Kentucky. More details on her website.  Gudmar Petursson has a farm and showplace in Iceland although he does come back to the States for clinics and performances.  He’s busy, but you can keep up with him at his website.

Where is Mill Farm, anyway?

View Mill Farm in a larger map

Update 2011:  Mill Farm does not operate a website.

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